What is SHSMOD?

SHSMOD is developed by Gigo. Which supports high speed serial communication with SMC, NS, Winbond, ALI MIO chip sets on Windows 95/98. The communication speed with SHSMOD will be 115,200bps or more.

The details are described on Gigo's Over115K page.

Supported Chip sets (Sorry in Japanese, but you can see it !)


Windows 95/98/Me (SHSMOD)

Even if you are the other OS user, run SHSMOD.EXE under DOS to detect the chips.
NT console window is not supported.
A known trouble appears for Win98SE: It doesn't work for SMC and some chipsets.

Windows 2000 / XP Universal V2.93b Update June/21/2003
Supported mode:x1, x2, x4, 230400bps fixed, 460800bps fixed.

Windows 2000 Universal V2.1 Update June/3/2001
Supported mode:x1, x2, x4, 230400bps fixed, 460800bps fixed.

Windows NT4.0 US
Supported mode:x1, x2, x4, 230400bps fixed, 460800bps fixed.


Patch V1.1 by Bun Mizuhara
shsmode-1.1-freebsd.tar.gz 5K Update 16-Jun-97
Patch V1.7 for FreeBSD was supported by Youji Takeuchchi.

If you can't get ".gz" file with binary mode, shift + mouse right click, select "Save Link As...".


NEW! shsmod-1.93b-linux.tar.gz mirror site -- SHSMOD for Linux Ver.1.93 beta
the same chip supported /w Windows. VIA VT82C686A|B, ALi M1535D+ and new SMSC, Winbond chip Added !
Manual in English (included in package)
Only Patch driver: shsmod-v1.93b.patch.gz mirror site Manual for Patch

Youji Takeuchchi developed Linux patch below.
shsmod17a-linux.tar.gz 5K

1.7c Based Patch for 2.2.x by ngonda@mb.kcom.ne.jp.

Masahito Ohtshuka supports the new patch for Linux below.

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- High speed serial port for VIA VT82C686 chipsets for linux
http://www.kati.fi/viahss/ by jrauti@iki.fi

- Another shsmod distribution for Linux
http://pocztowa.one.pl/shsmod/ by cherry@klub.chip.pl


- setserial

- Serial HOWTO: Speed


SIO Support WWW Server OS/2 shareware serial driver, sio v1.60 supports SMC's high speed mode.

The over115K programs are "ReportWare". Please send report to us.
The latest reports are on BBS below.

Current SHSMOD Bulletin board
Old version ver115K Bulletin board
Over115K BBS backnumber
Current SHSMOD Japanese BBS
Gigo's current BBS
Japanese Download Page

When the revisions of the board changed, the different chip may be used.
Please make sure chips on board. When you purchase it, especially the attention be necessary.

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