Device Drivers Limited
Power to the gadget! Device Drivers

1-5-1-103 Wakamatsu-cho,
Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, 183-0005 Japan

Tel: +81-42-363-8294
Fax: +81-42-363-8255
mail: info at devdrv dot co dot jp

Device Drivers Limited is a venture company of device driver development experts.
We provide device driver software, developing environment, and educational packages for device driver development.

We also haveDICS-NET, the rental cyber space for Japanese domestic companies. We are developing Internet systems solution and integration through DICS-NET.

Products Planning
Target Devices
Target Operating Systems
Network Connectivities

Products Planning

Device Driver Library
Device Driver Development Kit (including environment and debugger)
Educational Packages for Device Driver
Internet Applications
Target Devices

Network Connectivity, Camera, Printer,
Scanner, Pointing Device, GPS

Target Operating Systems

Windows 95/98
Linux, FreeBSD

Network Connectivities

High speed serial (Over115K / SHSMOD) Support BBS
IEEE 1394 family
LAN, Powerline-LAN, HomeRF


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